HARN Combat



A new Update is out, now with a complete Healing preparation, e.g. each wound is described, with all needed information about treatment and possible healing rolls. In addition I have added Houserules, additional rules you can use – or not.

HARN COMBAT is a melee simulator, based on the rules version Harnmaster 3.01 from Columbia Games.

You can define your own character in an external file (called ME.DAT) and choose from nearly 100 NPCs included in the program, as opponents.

In each combat round you have all ingame choices like the aspect of the weapon (B,E,P) or you can choose your response as Block, Dodge, Counterstrike (or Ignore). Wounds will be counted and affect your performance.

If you want to use the App for gaming, I recommend you make folder for each player, so you can run several windows at the same time.


harn combat final

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