2300 AD Space Travel

traveller2300boxsetlaterprtDOWNLOAD : 2300 AD Travel

This is basically a 2300 AD space travel programm. It includes all systems in a 50ly distance to earth, and shows you all reachable worlds inside the stutterwarp limit of 7.7 light years.

How to use it.

Enter the name of a sun or a colony and the APP will show you that system with its colonies and the worlds you can reach from there. Input is NOT case sensitive (e.g. you don’t have to use CAPS for input).

The target list will show the distance in light years (Ly), the name of the star, its colour and size and the number of colonies in brackets ( 1 )

The list of the target worlds will pause if the world has colonies. If you hit SPACE you will get a list of colonies, any other key shows the next system.

You can enter the number in front of the target world and it will become the new point of origin.

Beta Canum


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