DOWNLOAD : Explanator NSF

DOWNLOAD : Explanator Fahrenheit

Explanator takes the UPP from Travellermap.com and converts the code into 4 pages of text, writing a story about the world. 

Vollbildaufzeichnung 20.03.2019 164555.bmp

Vollbildaufzeichnung 20.03.2019 164659.bmp

Update: Added political allegiance and a hyperlink to the world entry in http://wiki.travellerrpg.com

Well, after a long hiatus I decided to work on Explanator again, since the last version was called FINAL this one is called NSF (Never Say Final) 🙂

There was still one important part missing, the detailed law level. I used DGs World Builders Manual and added 6 legal categories. The descriptive texts are my personal interpretations of these levels.

The first part is the general description of the law level, followed by the already known weapon law and the new criminal law. The next paragraph contains Trade law, civil law (bureaucracy) and the personal freedom enjoyed by each individuum.

Here are three examples for the low, medium and high ends of the legal scale:

Efate A646930-D Hi In An 1705 Spinward Marches

No laws at all, there is an effective state of anarchy. The Weapons law level is actually non existing, there are no prohibitions on ownership and carrying. There is no criminal Law. Everyone has to take care of himself.

Buyer beware, most laws favour the seller. The Civil law level is very low. A well placed bribe can be helpful. Beyond emergencies, the personal freedom is unrestricted.

Mid range:

Aramanx B657974-7 Hi Ga Pz 3005 Spinward Marches

The general law level is low. Most infringements will not be be punished. The Weapons law level is moderate. Allowed are Pistols, open carrying. Most crimes will be prosecuted.

You need a permit if you want to buy or sell, as well as a license from the government to trade at all. The Civil law level is average. Documentation is needed for most transactions, Bribery is risky. Personal freedom is generally not restricted.

And on the other end of the spectrum:

Pysadi C5766D8-5 Ag Ni Da 3008 Spinward Marches

The general law level is restricting. Infringements will generally be punished. The Weapons law level is very restricting. Posession of weapons outside home is prohibited. Carrying will be punished. The Criminal law level is extreme. Even the smallest infringements will be punished severely.

You need triplicate permits for each type of good you want to buy or sell, as well as a license from the government to trade at all. The Civil law level is extreme. The bureaucracy is overwhelming. Triplicate documentation is needed for everything. Bribery is a capital crime. There is almost no personal freedom, the state controls most interactions.


There is a LOT of adventure potential in these factors because it gives you guidelines how it feels to actually interact with the people of this world.

In addition I tinkered a bit with the tech level.

If the world is neither a RED zone, nor has a Starport type X, the SCIENCE TL is at least 9, symbolising the ease of obtaining knowledge in a Universe full of traders carrying cheap electronic gadgets. The second change is in communication, even a low tech society can afford mobile phones for daily communication, but they are limited in range because of the lack of satellite networks.

INFO 1: Explanator randomizes and uses all the formulae used in world generation, so if you don’t like some details, run the world again and again (rename the old file or it will be overwritten) and combine the parts you like.

INFO 2: The text is preformatted, so if you like justification, just reformat it. You can use any font you like, but the temperature table will only work with Monospace fonts, like Courier New or Consolas.



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