HARN Pilot

DOWNLOAD : Harn Pilot


This is the final version of my Harn Pilot App. It essentially covers the whole sailing process from Columbia’s Pilot’s Almanac.

You can choose from all published ship types:
ship list
In the app you can choose a ship type, enter the crew’s skills for both watches, and set the exact time of departure and go sailing.

In addition you can now write an external file for your ship, so that you do not have to type all the values each time you restart the APP. This is counted as ship 0. So simply choosing 0 as shiptype will load your shipdata.


The App generates the weather for all seasons, calculates the movement based on the wind and makes hazard checks and repair checks. The crew will try to repair any damage based on the skills of the acting watch.

You only have to enter the number of SAIL QUARTERS you set and watch the results. In case of a gale or storm you will also see the target number to avoid mishap after the SQ and Hex number.


At the end of each watch a compass gives you the exact number of hexes you can move from your position depending on the wind direction (this includes the final hex/50% rule).

What you see on the screen:

Top row:

Time of month, day, watch, weather, temperature.

Next come three blocks.

1. Shipdata
2. Hull, Tightness, Rigging and shipped water
3. Crew Skills

Next location (open sea, coast, etc.)

The next row shows SAIL QUARTERS, and how many hexes you can move with that amount of sail set, and, if you are in a gale or storm, the number you have to roll to avoid mishap. In addition you can choose (G)rounding and drop (A)nchor.

On the left side of the screen all die rolls, targets and results scroll down. It shows die roll/skill result as CS,MS,MF,CF and the table entries from Pilots Almanac.

At the end of each watch you have to decide the location of the next hex, e.g. Open sea, Sheltered coast or Inland water. This is important for the calculation of wind strength in the next watch.

Don’t expect any fancy graphics, this is text only…

If you do not enter any data, e.g. just hit ENTER, you will get the Dak Lorkin, with its crew and its damage, and see how hard it can be to keep a rundown ship afloat…



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