GDW RPG Project

This is my main project right now. The idea is to use all the old GDW RPG’S with a common ruleset, in this case a modified version of Mongoose Traveller 2 (MgT2E).

– Traveller
– Twilight 2000
– Megatraveller
– Traveller 2300 / 2300 AD
– Space 1889
– Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
– Dark Conspiracy
– Traveller New Era
– Twilight 2000 2.2

It has 4 components right now.


GDW RPG Utilities and Combat

Character database, Character generation, NPC generation, Animal generation and a combat simulator. Each character is worked out in intricate detail, generating up to 10 pages of text describing characteristics and skills. In addition it generates templates of the characters for Runequest, GURPS and TNE, and a combat card with all needed skills.

GDW RPG Weapon Customizer

A database with over 200 weapons, from the early 19th century to the far Future. All weapons are customizable, you can add Lasers, optics, different ammo, bigger magazines. This all comes with prices and incorporates the characters skills, so you can give the app to your players, to go shopping.


GDW RPG Monster Manual

A database starting with Dinosaurs, covering the Ice Age and ending with existing critters.


GDW RPG Vehicles
A database with over 100 vehicles with converters for TNE/T2K 2.2, Striker I, MgT1E, MgT2E and real world data

Last thing, I do not have a message tab here, since WordPress charges for that convenience, the hosting of the site costs enough – so if you want to contact me, I (Peter Kreft) am a member in all the Traveller and Harnmaster pages on Facebook and I am happy to answer any question. I also have my own Facebook group

The codeword is “Strephon” but as a Traveller player you might already know that.