RPG Conversion Tables

DOWNLOAD xls :  RPG Conversion Table SW 3 FreeL Triage

New table with probabilities of Free League Games.

Dice Probabilities incl FreeL

DOWNLOAD Excel table : BRP Gurps Traveller d20 SW TNE22

This is a quick reference table for the most used RPG systems.

GURPS = The basic skill numbers used in GURPS. Roll under with 3d6.

BRP = Basic roleplaying, the system used by Runequest and CoC, and in a way in Harnmaster. Roll under with d100.

Skill is for 2D6 systems as in many versions of Traveller. JOT –
Jack of all Trades is a skill that gives a Bonus when unskilled, and UNSK is the basic throw when there is no skill a t all. Roll above with 2D6.