2d6 NPC Combat Damage


This is the fastest and most realistic 2d6 combat damage system you will ever see, so don’t use it on your players. The numbers are based on statistical data collected during the conflicts of the 20th century. If you are interested you can find more details here:



and for gaming use:


The use is simple. The nine numbers in the chart are saving throws. If a NPC is hit, and you don’t use hit locations, use Body. Roll 2d6 and add the ARMOR from the table below (it’s basically the MgT Armor value divided by 3.5, rounded down, to fit to the damage dice of the weapon). Deduct the damage dice (e.g. a weapon doing 3D of damage counts as 3, if its 3d+2, it’s still 3).

If the result is higher than the number in the chart the NPC is safe, the hit was just a scratch.

If the result is WIA, the NPC is wounded, decide on any impediments.

If the result is INC, the NPC is incapacitated, maybe unconscious but still alive.

If the result is KIA or lower, that’s one NPC less to worry about.

Possible DM’s for MgT2E players:
Burst Fire  : -1
Effect > 3    : -1 for each full 3 points. 

AV 00 to 03 = 0

AV 04 to 06 = 1
AV 07 to 10 = 2
AV 11 to 13 = 3
AV 14 to 17 = 4
AV 18 to 21 = 5
AV 22 to 24 = 6
AV 25 to 27 = 7
AV       > 27 = 8

A player shoots his ACR on Burst at a NPC in TL10 Combat Armor and hits with an effect of 4.

The GM makes a saving throw and rolls a 6.

6 minus 3 for the ACR’s damage, -1 for the burst and -1 for the effect, resulting in a 1. TL10 Combat Armor has a protection value of 13, equivalent to an ARMOR value of 3.  Adding the Armor of 3 makes the final result a 4.

If the hit is to the head, the NPC is incapacitated, and won’t act again in this combat.

A hit to the body would wound the NPC, but he is still able to fight, albeit with some impediment. What is up to the GM.

A hit to any other body part would be a scratch and has no influence on combat.

On the other hand, without the Combat Armor, the result would be a 1.  Instant death on Head and Body, and an incapacitating wound on any other body part.

Player Characters
While this rule might be a bit tough on players, but good to avert unnecessary combat, I recommend one change, add/subtract the END Modifier to the die roll, Endurance is a rather underrated characteritstic and here it gets a proper use.