Twilight 2000 – Free League


UPDATE 2020.11.28

Free League supplied me with the official conversion rules, so here is an updated version. The underlying data stay the same but are now run through the official filter. 

In addition to the info contained in the Players manual, this version contains armor values for hull AND turret, and takes the loss of power over distance for kinetic projectiles into account.

Download T2K FL Vehicles official version.M1 Abrams


Here is the second APP. My vehicle database now contains conversions to the rules of the new T2K Alpha.

Download : T2K FL Vehicles

My first APP is a character screen with a simple dice Roller, it will be updated when more rule information come out.


Fullscreen capture 03092020 173259

Just hit 1-9 or A-C for the appropriate skill, that’s all.

The app loads an editable character file called T2KChar.txt, so you can insert your own character. Important: if your character does not possess a skill, use an “-” as a placeholder. 

Fullscreen capture 03092020 173511