Mongoose Traveller 2 Weapon Customization

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2300 AD Weapons

MGT2E W2300

REAL Weapons


UPDATE: Database expanded, 35 x 2300AD and 13 x contemporary weapons.

In addition I added optional GURPS damage rules (pi+, pi++) for high calibre rounds.

For those using weapon pictures in their DOCs, you can download a  few hundred JPGs here:


First thing to do, before you can use the APP, is the generation of a player profile with all characteristics that are important to fire a gun. In this case Strength (concerning Bulky and Very Bulky Weapons), Dexterity for hit bonus. Then the four skill groups, Slug, Energy, Archaic, and Heavy. Last but not least the TL of the world where you buy your guns, the lower the TL the less guns will be available.


You can edit this external file, called Player.DAT, the program will read its content each time you start it.

There is already a profile that comes with the APP, but the idea is to customize it for your own character.

Cqb64Player.dat - Notepad++ 03.07.2018 162104

The first screen, shows a whole lot of Guns, the higher the TL the more.

Untitled 03.07.2018 154557

Choose one, and then go through the customization options. The APP waits for your Y or N and goes to the next factor.

Untitled 03.07.2018 154454

Finally you can choose from three output formats, depending how many details you like:

Untitled 03.07.2018 154504

The result will be written into a .DOC file with the filename of the weapon, in this case it would be:

Advanced Combat Rifle TL 10.DOC

Now you can edit the file to your liking, add JPEGs and so on, here a few examples.