TRAVELLER Skill Explanator

This is now an element of GDW RPG Utilities.






This APP is basically a character generation “aftercare” package.

It starts where the standard character generation ends and fills all the holes that are left from the normal process.

The first part takes the UPP and forms it into a description, fleshing out the simple hexadecimal numbers.

The next part takes care of the skills. It writes a detailed explanation what the skill entails and shows the use of the skill with a few of examples, complete with target numbers and percentage chances.

To do all this you need to enter a profile of your character, which will be saved in an external file called “Traveller Character.DAT”

There is already a template and some sample characters prepared.

These are the stats from the 1001 characters “Heroes” section, at the end of the book.

Earl Dumarest
Gun Cbt,4
Pilot ,1

The first entry describes the game version you want to use:

CT,1 stands for “Use Classical Traveller” rules, e.g. the target roll is only 8+ minus skill, characteristic like in MgT and Cepheus are ignored. Change it to CT,0 for use of these other systems.

The Next entry is the characters name, followed by the UPP and one letter for the sex, F=Female, M=Male

Then follow the skills, always the skill name, followed by a “,” and the number, e.g. Pilot-1 would become Pilot,1 for the app to be able to read it correctly.

Last entry has to be END,0 for the app to know that the entry is finished. Just save the file, start the software and choose character number 0

The APP will automatically generate a DOC named “CHARACTER NAME SDEIES” as filename. You can edit it with any text processor that can read .DOC files.

I have tried to collect all skills from all versions. If you find any missing skills (e.g. you wrote it into the template but it did not show in the DOC) drop me a message and I will put it into the next update.