About my Software

First. There is no VIRUS, even if Windows tries to tell you it is. If you have this problem download QB64 from QB64.net. Install it, and unpack the zipped software into the QB64 directory. Then load the .bas file. Hit F5 to execute. This will generate a new .exe – That should solve the problem.

Second. My stuff is free, will stay free, and should you ever pay for it –  you were suckered…

In the 80ies I learned Basic on a SHARP MZ-80K. Later I switched to Omicron Basic on the Atari 1040 STE which was way better than anything available on the SHARP. Sadly Atari folded and I switched to DOS and QBasic.

I wrote a lot of stuff for myself, but with each new Windows version the support for QBasic was scaled down. Then, a few years ago, I discovered QB64, an Emulator for Windows 7+, that allowed me to transfer my old work to a new dimension.

So, what will you get if you use my Apps?

Very fast and very deep software interpretations of my favourite RPG rules, mostly all Traveller variants including AD:2300 and HARNMASTER from Columbia Games.

What you will not get, is any flashy User Interface, it just does not come with ancient BASIC versions. But under the hood, these new compilers really have some serious power.

These are the files downloaded most:


My best APP is no doubt Explanator. It takes the info enshrined in Travellermap.com and builds on it. What was once a line of numbers and letters is changed into at least four pages of text, telling you everything you might like to know about a world, its population, how many ships are going to leave to other worlds and what cargo they carry.


Traveller Utilities

This app does what Explanator does to worlds, on characters. You get a vivid description of any character, a in depth evaluation of the skills, and all this combined with an animal feature that gives you detailed stats, a fitting description of the body and a comparison to real animals with a similar size.


Weapon Catalogues


These are weapon diagrams for several RPG systems. I try to capture all needed information in as compact an information as possible. All calculations are already done, so you get the final values you need for any character.

Output Format

My APPS are meant to be used with WORD or any other word processing software. If the generated document is text only, you will have no problems and can use any Font you like.

With anything that contains graphic elements (like the weapon cards) there will be problems:

Everything QBasic generates are monospace fonts. This means that any character has the same size as any other. If you use other fonts like Arial or Times New Roman, the graphic elements will be distorted.

So, to get the best results I recommend the following fonts already included in WORD.

Courier NEW


Or, from the web, my personal favourite is

Liberation Mono


When you open any of the .DOCs in WORD, it will not recognize the format and you will get a window looking like this:


Just choose “other coding” and hit “P” and ENTER. Then the output should be to your liking.