GDW RPG Utilities + COMBAT

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UPDATE 19.05.08 Bugfixes, layout changes and a new option. Character.DOC now includes the code to add them to the simulator.

Someone asked me if I had an app to govern combat, and I liked the idea. So here it is, as a part of GDW RPG Utilities: A combat Simulator, using standard damage rules (END, STR, DEX) and the new hit location rules from MGT2E Traveller companion. It covers every aspect, from negative DMs due to wounds over movement to aiming and healing.

What else is new:

– Added TNE/T2K/DC stats to the character DOC
– Added the code for the database to the character sheet, so you can copy/paste your newly generated character to a slot in the database, and give it a baptism of fire.

I also beefed up the number of slots in the database, each slot can be overwritten with your own data. The slots, numbered 1 to 34 use standard Traveller data:

Untitled 28.04.2019 175038Untitled 28.04.2019 175044Untitled 28.04.2019 175054Untitled 28.04.2019 175258

Here, as an example Earl Dumarest from 1001 Characters.

Earl Dumarest
Gun Cbt-4


The only change to the stats from the book is Armor,2 (Mesh) since you will need that value in Combat.

So if you are a referee you can simply copy paste your NPC into the slots and use them.

If you want to use several NPCs at the same time, duplicate the folder and rename it, so you can run one window for each NPC.

INFO: At the end of each combat turn you can enter damage (to the char). If you just hit a number the App will roll that many damage dice. If you want to roll for damage yourself, hit (Y) and enter the amount of damage.