GDW RPG Utilities + COMBAT


So what does this APP do?

In a nutshell, it can generate PCs, NPCs and animals / monsters and depicts them in Ultra detail. All this is written into a .DOC file that can be read and modified with any word processing software. It also contains a character database with 34 slots where you can store your generated NPC’s and it offers a combat simulator to test them.

It contains four different character generators, each comes with a race selector where you can choose among 9 different races, from Humans to Virushi.

A Fast NPC generator with a lot of options if you need a generic NPC right NOW.

It also offers the classic Marine chargen from CT Book 4 Mercenary if you want a totally developed character with a service history and medals to boot.

Additionally it contains the point buy system from MgT2E’s Traveller Companion and the package system from the same book.

The chargen describes your physical features in detail, by converting the hexadecimal numbers of the UPP into descriptive text. It also comes with a psych evaluation, based on the deck of cards system from Twilight 2000 or 2300AD and it defines the attitude of the NPC towards your player group. You can make them into an ally, a competitor or an outright enemy, all with a defined sphere of influence.

If you need critters you can use the classic animal generation from the LBB’s or you can use the Monstermaker to design a real menace for your players.

Last but not least it contains a combat simulator, where you can dry run your PC’s or NPC’s to see how they handle being shot at.

In addition it reworks the character info for use with GURPS, Runequest (BRP) and the TNE/T2K2.2 system.

It explains each skill in minute detail and gives examples for the skill use, down to the percentage chances of success or failure.

Last but not least you can select the output format. Here you can choose among Classic Traveller, the Mongoose Traveller format, Zozer Games Zaibatsu and 70ies rules and finally T5 output.

UPDATE 2019.08.18

Download : GDW RPG Utilities + Combat 31

I am trying to condense the information you REALLY need in a game into the most compact form possible.

So the first part will show the characteristics, or the rule relevant part generated from the basic values.

E.g. with CT or T5 rules, you will see the characteristics value themselves, with Zaibatsu rules you will see the throws based on the values and with MgT rules you will see the modifiers (+1, +2, etc.).

The next part contains all skills that are important in combat situations, already worked out according to the rules. E.g. for MgT rules the modifiers are included, non-skills are calculated at -3 and if the character has any JOT skill it comes into the calculation. All numbers are based on an 8+ as basic value.

I added an optional hit location chart, based on the Runequest 6th edition rules, for those who want a bit more realism in their game.

Last, as a suggestion, rules how to use the hit locations in game, e.g a superficial wound gets you -1 on all dice throws, a real wound -2 and a serious wound prohibits any use of the afflicted body part. Easy and fast.

And last, but not least, I added additional Melee damage. It will appear right after Melee and consists of the STRENGTH modifier as well as +2 for the Aslan Dewclaw or +1 vor Vargr bites. I also added a homebrewed rule: I add the DEX Mod to the basic speed of 6, which seemed sensible to me. In the chart you see it as [M 6] after SOC. The next value is the armor factor [A 0].




UPDATE 2019.08.14

I added an external version selector, called Version.txt that can be edited with any text processor. It contains the following lines.

Classic Traveller,0

Just change the number behind the version from 0 to 1 and the APP will use that rulest for the skill descriptions.

DOWNLOAD : GDW RPG Utilities + Combat 28





Update 2019.06.04

I added Combat Cards to the DOC. Scroll right to the end of the file. The cards contain all the skills you might need in combat, already calculated with all applicable DM’s.

There are two versions available. CT,0 includes the characteristic DM’s as they are used in MgT and Cepheus, and CT,1 as in Classic Traveller without the DM’s.

The sidebar on the right shows the three damage thresholds. If the char or animal is armored there will be an Ax instead of HP on top of the row.





cc20 0cc20 1cc20 2cc20 3cc20 4cc20 5cc20 6cc20 7cc20 8CC20

UPDATE 19.05.08 Bugfixes, layout changes and a new option. Character.DOC now includes the code to add them to the simulator.

Someone asked me if I had an app to govern combat, and I liked the idea. So here it is, as a part of GDW RPG Utilities: A combat Simulator, using standard damage rules (END, STR, DEX) and the new hit location rules from MGT2E Traveller companion. It covers every aspect, from negative DMs due to wounds over movement to aiming and healing.

What else is new:

– Added TNE/T2K/DC stats to the character DOC
– Added the code for the database to the character sheet, so you can copy/paste your newly generated character to a slot in the database, and give it a baptism of fire.

I also beefed up the number of slots in the database, each slot can be overwritten with your own data. The slots, numbered 1 to 34 use standard Traveller data:

Untitled 28.04.2019 175038Untitled 28.04.2019 175044Untitled 28.04.2019 175054Untitled 28.04.2019 175258

Here, as an example Earl Dumarest from 1001 Characters.

Earl Dumarest
Gun Cbt-4


The only change to the stats from the book is Armor,2 (Mesh) since you will need that value in Combat.

So if you are a referee you can simply copy paste your NPC into the slots and use them.

If you want to use several NPCs at the same time, duplicate the folder and rename it, so you can run one window for each NPC.

INFO: At the end of each combat turn you can enter damage (to the char). If you just hit a number the App will roll that many damage dice. If you want to roll for damage yourself, hit (Y) and enter the amount of damage.