HARN Combat Final

4 combat window

DOWNLOAD : harn combat final

This is, at last, the finalized version of my Harn Combat APP.

Changes: The APP now handles ranged combat in addition to melee.

After you start you can choose from among four house rules, you can skip them by simply hitting ENTER.

1. Possible to dodge Counterstrike Y/N

Since a Counterstrike can easily kill the mightiest fighter, you can choose this as a last resort.

2. Make your own Die rolls Y/N

Instead of letting the ap roll for you, you can enter your own rolls.

3. Shock test only with serious or worse wounds Y/N

4. D*0 instead of DTA results Y/N

Its too complicated to program combat with more than 2 participants, so DTA in a 1 on 1 fight is useless. So instead of DTA the result is damage to the attacker.0 houserulesAfter that you can choose among up to 100 enemies.1 npc group2 npcsThe combat player / opponent windows should explain themselves, the bottom row always shows the possible options, the command itself is always in parentheses (x).

Note for those who use an earlier version: The ME.dat has been changed. It now contains skill data for use with my other apps and a third (missile) weapon, so in order to use this app you have to update your old character.3 character4 combat windowThere is one additional option, if you hit (W) a special wound / healing screen appears.5 wound healing