GDW RPG Monster Manual


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UPDATE 19.05.09

I added a lot of beasties and the hit localisation system from the Traveller companion. In the DOC you can chose which one you want to use, all elements have their own tables.

There is now also an insert for my Combat simulator attached to the DOC. Just copy this part into one of the DAT slots of Traveller utilities and you can see how they handle in combat.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Armor, 2
Speed, 13

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So this is the second installment in my GDW RPG series.

The idea is, to give all GDW RPGs a common, interchangeable base, that will work for all systems. The base system is a slightly altered Cepheus engine, with a few addons from other RPG systems. So, no matter if you want to play Space:1889 or Twilight:2000, or Traveller, it’s all here.

I will add more monsters and adversaries over time, so watch for Updates.

This one is a kind of a “Monster Manual”. It uses the basic attributes of STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, ENDURANCE and INTELLIGENCE, and Armor, Move and Reach.

In addition I added an optional hit location table, with blow through values (the maximal number of damage a body part can take, before the projectile leaves the body, eg. no instant kill by a shot in the arm.) Added to that a graphic wound display, to cross out damage.

Finally a damage table that already takes all the modifiers into account, just roll the number of dice, deduct armor and you get the damage result.

And finally a descriptive text of the beastie…

This is mostly based on GURPS material, then recalculated to fit to Traveller.

Possible commands:

SPACE – Reroll actual template, to get a bigger or smaller monster.

P – Print. Generates a “Name.doc” file, that can be edited.

Step by Step Guide how to convert my app generated DOCS