GDW RPG Monster Manual

Step 9DOWNLOAD :  GDW RPG Monster Manual

So this is the second installment in my GDW RPG series.

The idea is, to give all GDW RPGs a common, interchangeable base, that will work for all systems. The base system is a slightly altered Cepheus engine, with a few addons from other RPG systems. So, no matter if you want to play Space:1889 or Twilight:2000, or Traveller, it’s all here.

I will add more monsters and adversaries over time, so watch for Updates.

This one is a kind of a “Monster Manual”. It uses the basic attributes of STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, ENDURANCE and INTELLIGENCE, and Armor, Move and Reach.

In addition I added an optional hit location table, with blow through values (the maximal number of damage a body part can take, before the projectile leaves the body, eg. no instant kill by a shot in the arm.) Added to that a graphic wound display, to cross out damage.

Finally a damage table that already takes all the modifiers into account, just roll the number of dice, deduct armor and you get the damage result.

And finally a descriptive text of the beastie…

This is mostly based on GURPS material, then recalculated to fit to Traveller.

Possible commands:

SPACE – Reroll actual template, to get a bigger or smaller monster.

P – Print. Generates a “Name.doc” file, that can be edited.

Step by Step Guide how to convert my app generated DOCS