GDW RPG Vehicles

Download : GDW RPG Vehicles

Here is the next instance of my GDW RPG series, Vehicles.

What does it do?

It consists of the T:2000 2.2 / TNE vehicle database and some (over 120 vehicles), partially updated with the newest Wikipedia data, and generates a .DOC named as the vehicle, containing all needed info and tables, that also can be edited to your liking.

In addition it converts to the system you prefer. You can view the vehicles with the actual armor thickness / gun penetration in cm, or with the original T:2000 / TNE values, or convert it to Striker I values, Mongoose Traveller 2nd or Cepheus rules versions. In addition it contains a small armor calculator where you can get the values for any armor converted to all systems with a few keystrokes.Screenshot


Striker 1cmCepheusmgt2e